Sunday, June 19, 2011

movies that give me ideas for stories

          Sometimes, I will watch a movie and something that is either said or done in the movie gives me an idea for a story. Sometimes, I might not like what has happened in a movie and I write a story and change the outcome. I enjoy doing that because I can make endings better for characters that deserve better endings. The biggest one is probably the movie Patriot.  There were some things in that movie that I wish did not happen. The British Army was reckless in this movie. They killed a bunch of innocent people for no reason. This makes me very mad. This movie is based on a true story about a Southern Patriot leader named the "Swamp Fox", he fought against "Bloody Ban", the bad British officer who killed people for no reason.
            There are two scenes from this movie that I have used to write stories. The first one I am going to talk about is the scene where Bloody Ban burns down a church. That kills everyone, including Gabriel Martian's wife Ann. This makes him so mad and he chases down the guy that did it. After a fight, Gabriel is killed. This is the second son of Ben Martin's that Bloody Ban has killed. Bloody Ban killed one of the younger sons at the beginning of the movie for no real reason.  For my story, I kept the burning of the church, but, Ann survives. Gabriel comes back from war to find that his wife is the lone survivor of a brutal British attack. This makes Gabriel decide to put family before the cause. He decides to stay home for the rest of the war. His father understands since he loves the idea of peace but will fight if he must.
            The other scene is where Mel Gibson's character says my favorite line. He has just freed all of his soldiers. Bloody Ban recognizes him from the farm where Ben lived and Ben's son was killed. Ban tries to make him mad and asks if the boy died. Gibson's character tells Ban that before the war is over, he is going to punish him. I have no idea why I like that part of the movie. I use the emotions from this scene in some of my stories. I use it in Saving Honest Abe when one of the rowers is trying to convince Booth that killing the president is a bad idea and Booth threatens them.

      There are so many other movies that have influenced my writing. I can not mention them all. The places where I get my ideas are endless.



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