Friday, June 10, 2011

Stuff I find hard to write

 I love to write very interesting stories. Sometimes, I actually find some things hard to write.  For example, a sword fight, how a history book got power to make students go back in time. Also it is hard not to sound like you are repeating yourself at times.
       Since I for the most part do not watch movies with sword fights and stuff, it is hard to write about it. I also do not know much about sword fighting in general. I came up with a sword fight idea for a book I wrote last summer. The story is called The Colony of Friends, it is about a group of friends who go to the new world with the people who would later become known as "the lost colony".  The fighting was between Andrew Wilson, a snob in just about every way and the honorable Lord Shipham, who is one of the most gentleman like men in the settlement. A friend of mine had to help me write it because I had no idea how.
        Another thing that I have a hard time writing is about magic. In my story about a rowing team going back in time to save Honest Abe, they travel through a history book. The question is where did it get magic from? It has to be realistic. I have no id. ea how that story will work out but I will try to make it work. Right now, the history book has that power because it can.
          In my book The True Meaning of War, I have a bad case of writer's block because I do not want to sound so repetitive. Here is a quick summary of the story so far. It is the day the American Revolution began, a loyalist is watching the battle from a great distance. When the battle is over, her cousin is murdered on the battlefield. The fact that the cousin is dead has been mentioned quite a few times already. They to tell the commander and the best friend. Now, the loyalist is reunited with her brother, who has no clue that his cousin is dead. I was thinking about having explained to him. Then I thought that might to repetitive. So, I think I am going to show it. There is a difference between showing something in a story and telling something in the story. Showing can be the words of the characters and descriptions. Telling is just saying what happens.

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