Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crazy things I write

  Being a creative writer is always fun. It gives me the freedom to write whatever I want. Mostly, I try to stay has historically accurate as possible. Some of my stories however, are stories that have been written, but, I put a little  creative twist to it.
     For example, I wrote a story based on the book of Esther. I love this book and I think it is neat. I used it for my creative writing final my senior year in high school. This version of Esther, had many different twists. The story took place in the country of Hawaii. Hawaii was a country before it became a state and I thought it would be cool to make it a country in the story. I also changed the religion being threatened from Jewish to Christian and my own creative twist is making the king have the same religion as the queen. I really enjoyed writing that story.
      This past fall, I joined my school's rowing team. I am a coxswain, meaning I am the one who steers the boat. At every regatta, that is what we call our races, there was always something funny that happened. My favorite funny memory is the time we were at the Huntsville regatta and someone from our sister school in Knoxville asked our coach if they could borrow a coxswain. Coach told them to pick a novice, a first year. So, I raced two times at that regatta. Anyway, our crazy stories gave me the idea to write a crazy story about my rowing team.
        I came up with an idea that would combine the love that I have for history and the love I have for my team into a story. There would be a rowing team that went back in time to save Honest Abe from getting killed. I am working on chapter two of that story. This is most likely the craziest story that I have written so far. Hope my team likes it.

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