Monday, July 4, 2011

Being Inspired by History

    As a history major, I tend to find things that I like and do not like about history. There are things in history such as the American Revolution that inspire me to write. I love the American Revolution. The ideas and the people that sparked the event amaze me. Maybe that is why I love it so much. Most of my stories have to do with the American Revolution. Recently, I have gotten into using family names for characters in stories. I have mostly used last names. The only exception was in the Colony of Friends when I my great grandfather's name and my great aunt's name. 
     In many of my stories, I use my middle name for a last name. In my story Revolutionary Love, a story about the American Revolution, McMichael is the last name for the main character who is a British soldier from Cardagian, Whales. The name McMichael is Welsh. I thought it would be cool to combine family history with the events of American History. I do something similar for a story about the Civil War.  
      In one of my Civil War stories, the last name for a family is Lucas. I am related to a family whose last name was Lucas during the time of the Civil War. Normally, I do not like the Civil War, but, I thought I needed a break from writing about the American Revolution. 

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