Saturday, August 6, 2011

History, Musicals, and Hawaiian: How they influence my stories

    When I write a story, I think about all sorts of things. Historical accuracy, being believable, and  other important things. Recently I have noticed that my stories somehow always end up involving history, musicals, and the Hawaiian language. I know this seems like an odd combination, but, it is true. History has been my favorite subject since 3rd grade and I have loved musicals since I saw South Pacific the same year.  I started to learn Hawaiian in 5th grade when my granddad took me, my mom, and my brother there. I have enjoyed learning the language ever since.
      My most recent project involves mostly Hawaiian. For my senior creative writing final I took the book of Esther and put a few twists to it. One being that Hawaii was a country. Hawaii was a nation until the late 1890's when American overthrew the government. Another twist that I put in it was the King Pika (Peter) was a christian also and he kept it a secret because of politics. Anyway, my project is a sequel to this story. It is told from the King's point of view. I throw in references to musicals here and there. There is one story where I combine all three.
         I am working on a story that combines history, musicals, and Hawaiian. A group of Hawaiian rowers go back in time to save Honest Abe. I thought this would be a fun thing to write since I love history, Hawaii, and my rowing team. One musical is mentioned throughout the story. That is mostly because one of the rowers is in the musical at school and a character reads apart of the book that inspired the musical after they save Honest Abe.
         I know alot of these story ideas sound crazy, but , I like them. Author Jenny Cote once told me that I should write about what I am passionate about. So, that is exactly what I do.

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