Friday, July 15, 2011

Using stories to vent

  Sometimes, I will base characters on my friends. My friends think its neat that I base characters off of them. For the most part, their characters are the heroes. There has been one exception to this, I have made one of my friends the bad guy when I was mad with him as a way of venting my anger.
      I had a friend named Kele, he was one of my first friend at my high school in Chattanooga after I had moved there with my family. Kele was a writer also. I thought that was cool.We were good friend in the first half of the school year, during the second half, many things changed.
        Kele wanted to read something that I had written, so I gave him one of my stories. He gave it back to me the next day and said that I needed a ghost writer. A ghost writer is someone writing the book for someone else. I took that as an insult because I know that I do not need a ghost writer. Then a few weeks later, another friend of mine edited a play I was working on. During study hall, Kele saw it and told a whole group of people that I should never write again. I find this out at lunch. My friend who was study hall with Kele told me this. I was very unhappy. While my friend and I were talking about my play at lunch, Kele laughed at it. I was not happy. What he said ruined my day.
           When I got home from school, I got out the play that Kele insulted and created the bad guy based off of him. This was my way of releasing the anger that I had. I have forgiven Kele, but, I have not forgotten what he said to me that day. Kele has been the only friend that I have used to base a bad guy for a story off of. I hope that I will never have to do that to another friend.

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