Sunday, November 27, 2011

Characters that get on my nerves 2

This is a list for characters in books that get on my nerves. Scarlet O'Hara~ Gone With the Wind, Jacob Black~ Twilight Series, Lord Voldemort~ Harry Potter Series,  and  Willoughby ~ Sense and Sensibility.   
    The reason why I do not like Scarlet is because she is just a spoiled girl. She thinks she can have anything or anyone she wants. What Scarlet really cares about is winning Ashley's heart. This is a lost cause since he will be marrying his cousin Melanie. Even after he is married, Scarlet tries to win his affections. This is outrageous.
       I know some will hate me for this but I do not like Jacob Black. I will explain. He has many really bad flaws and has some moral issues.  First he says he will never hurt Bella. He tells her this after Edward broke up with her in the second book. Then he's all, "I lied, we can't be friends." In the third book when Bella is engaged to Edward he kisses her. He also wants Bella to choose him. It is what he does in the final book that is the most deplorable. He imprints on Bella's infant daughter, basically meaning an arranged marriage type of thing. He is a 16 year old. He should not do that type of thing. It is revolting. I know it is explained that "imprinting" can not be helped, but I still find the  the type of relationship that it will end up being considering their ages is just sick.
        Now, on to everyone's favorite Harry Potter villain: Lord Voldemort better known as "you- know- who". The reason why I do not like him is simple, he is evil and kills off all the characters I like. Starting in the 4th book when he killed Cedric Diggory, I was like, "ok, you-know-who, you can get lost now," . I was so glad when he was finally defeated.
      The character of John Willoughby is a man that has no honor what so ever. He is cruel towards my favorite characters. My favorite characters are Marianne and Col. Brandon. He treats Col. Brandon badly by talking to him disrespectfully and takes advantage of his ward, Eliza. Willoughby, as he is called by everyone in the story, treats Marianne badly by saying that he loves her and then abandons her to marry someone with money. This leaves Marianne very depressed. Col. Brandon wins her heart and they marry. So I guess the punishment Willoughby gets serves him well. He will always regret not marrying Marianne.

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