Saturday, November 26, 2011

Characters that get on my nerves

  There are characters in books and musicals that get on my nerves. I do not know why I judge fictional characters. Maybe I should be a book/ theater critic. Anyways here is a list of characters that get on my nerves in musicals. Javert ~ Les Miserables, Billis~ South Pacific, Chino~ West Side Story, and Phantom~ Phantom of the Opera. I will explain why each character ticks me off. First, we will start of with Javert. Javert is an crazy police officer in France whose mission in life is to arrest a man named Jean Valjean. Jean Valjean had broken parole years ago, so Javert is trying to find Valjean to punish him. Anyways, they meet and Valjean has the chance to kill Javert, instead, he lets him go. Javert can not live with this for some odd reason and kills himself. He ticks me off because he did the dumbest thing at the end. He kills himself because he was forgiven.
          Billis ticks me off because he is just kind of an annoying character to begin with. He also does something dumb. Example, he gets on a plane that is taking two guys on a secret mission, almost ruining it because only a few people know about the mission. The reason why I do not like Chino is simple. He killed Tony. Tony was one of my favorite characters. There is really nothing to really say besides that he killed Tony for some reason. I forget why, I think it was over something dumb though.
        Last but not least, Phantom. The reason why he ticks me off  is that he seems to contradict what he says and feels. He loves this girl named Christine, at least so he says. When she does not return his love, he tries to kill the guy she is in love. Sure Phantom,  that is how you win someone's love, you kill their love. Not. I will cut him some slack though. He does does let her go at the end. So, he did love her, he just didn't know how to show it.  My next blog will have characters from books that I do not like.

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