Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm a musical geek and proud of it

   It is no secret that I LOVE musicals. I have loved them since 3rd grade, my first musical was South Pacific. As I have gotten older, I have been enjoying musicals more and more. My favorites include: Les Miserables, The Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, Oklahoma!, Brigadoon, and South Pacific. 
      In 8 days, I will get to see Les Miserables with my Grammie in Knoxville. I have been counting down the days since Christmas. It is my Christmas present from Grammie to see this musical. This a musical that I have been wanting to see for years.
       I consider myself to be a musical geek. This is how you can tell if you are one:

  •     almost every song on your Ipod is from a musical 
  •     you give long explanations for musicals you love   
  •     whenever your family wants to watch something, you suggest a musical 
  •      all of the videos you watch on YouTube have to do with musicals 
  •       you sing songs from musicals almost all the time  
  •        you know almost everything about your favorite musical

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