Friday, February 3, 2012


Last month, I got to see the greatest musical ever created: LES MISERABLES! It is an amazing story of grace, love, and forgiveness. My favorite characters were Jean Valjean and Cosette. Jean Valjean was played by J. Mark McVey who was AWESOME!! :) His voice was so perfect for the role!! I about cried when he started singing "One Day More" and the "Epilogue". He has played the role over 3,000 times!! Cosette was also a great character. I love all of her songs. I love the ending, but, I will get to that later. Now I will talk about my favorite parts of the amazing musical.
    A scene that I found touching was when Jean Valjean swears to Fantine that he will take care of her daughter. Even though he swears this to a dead body and at the end of a tense song, I liked it. I also love how they had a "Romeo and Juliet" moment during "A Heart Full of Love". Marius climbed over a fence and threw a rock at Cosette's window.  She walks on to a balcony and he starts singing. I LOVE the song "A Heart Full of Love". When they started "One Day More!" wow, I almost cried, the voices, the staging, everything about was amazing!
   One of the most depressing songs was "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables", a song that Marius sings. It is about his grief for his friends that have died. They had all the students and Marius hold small candles. I thought that was a cool effect. It made the song more somber for me. The BEST part in my opinion was the "Epilogue". This is right after Cosette and Marius get married. Valjean knows that he is dying, so he sings about how he is ready to die. Then, Marius and Cosette come in, Marius tells Cosette that her father was the one that saved his life. Near the end of his "life" Valjean gives Cosette a "confession". Then he died. I loved what they did after that Fantine and Eponine come to lead him to heaven. Half way through the song, the rest of the cast shows up. Fantine and Eponine go join the rest of the cast but Valjean stays. He stands over Marius and Cosette for a little bit. I think he was blessing them. Then, at the end he goes to join everyone behind Marius and Cosette.
      When the show was over, the cast got a standing ovation!! :) It was well deserved!! It was the best 3 hours of my life. There is so much more that I could write about, but, it would end up being a book. If you ever get the chance to see this musical, you will love it!! <3


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