Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crazy Movie Facts

  This weekend, I made some fun discoveries in movies. I was taking a study break and I found some things that were interesting. One of the things I found out was the girl that played my favorite princess in the Princess Kai'ulani movie played Pocahontas in a movie called The New World. I thought that was cool since I love both characters in history. Another thing I found out was that Christian Bale, the guy who plays Batman and plays Jack Kelly in the musical movie Newsies plays John Rolfe in The New World.  This made me wonder what else he was in besides the movies that I have seen. So, I looked him up on the Internet Movie Database. I found something very interesting: he played Thomas in the Disney movie Pocahontas. This took me by surprise, I never would have thought that the voice of Thomas was from the same person that sings "Santa Fe" in Newsies. The character of Thomas does not even sound like Christian Bale. At least, I don't think so.

    It is so funny when you find out that you have seen actors in more movies than you think. I have seen Christian Bale in like six or seven movies. I have only noticed him in three or four.

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