Saturday, March 3, 2012

My view of Phantom of the Opera

      Musicals have been one of my interests for a long time. I have two absolute favorite musicals. They are  Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera. I love both musicals for many different reasons. One reason is because the music is AMAZING in both shows. Since I gave up Les Mis for Lent, this blog will focus on Phantom. 
        I will mostly talk about the Phantom character. He is such a grey area character. What I mean by that is, you know he is doing something bad, but, you understand why he is that way. The Phantom is a sort of creepy character. He becomes obsessed with a girl named Christine, who is in love with someone else. His response? Kill a whole bunch of people and try to kill Christine's love. Great idea Phantom, kill the person Christine loves. You know, if you love her like you say, you would want her to be happy. Right? Yeah, this is what I mean by saying he is grey area. He loves Christine, but, he has no clue how to show it and he gets kind of crazy.
         However, he does get two awesome songs. He has Angel of Music and Wandering Child. Both songs are very well written. My favorite of the two is Angel of Music. It is so cool. My favorite actor to play Phantom is Ramin Karimloo. He was Phantom on the West End for two years, originated the role in Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera, and he just played the title role in the 25th anniversary concert. This "concert" was like a filmed stage production. They did dancing and everything. Ramin has an awesome voice, I have three songs that he has done on my Ipod. These songs are: Till I Hear You Sing, The Beauty Underneath, and Phantom of the Opera. The first two songs are from Love Never Dies. I found this actor/singer on YouTube. I came across Till I Hear You Sing, I loved his voice and the music so I put it on my Ipod.
          Another reason why I like him as Phantom is because he makes me like the character.  Normally, I do not like the character because he is so evil and insane. Ramin portrays it in a way that makes him seem more human. Meaning, he makes you understand why his character does what he does. I watch Angel of Music on the DVD a lot because he sings it so well. I think Ramin has a CD coming out soon.

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