Sunday, March 11, 2012

Songs I have grown to love

    There are songs in certain musicals that I did not like on the CD, but I liked them after seeing it performed. A perfect example of this is The Confrontation in Les Miserables. This is a song that the evil police officer Javert and the hero Jean Valjean. This song is sung after Come to Me, a song a dying Fantine sings. After she dies, Javert shows up to arrest Valjean. That is a very long story that is explained when the musical begins.
        These two characters sing an argument. The reason why I did not like this song is because I do not like the characters that are either mean to or hate Valjean. Jean Valjean is my favorite character. He is an amazing character. I really cannot explain why, I just love the character. Anyway, most of it is fighting, which I dislike. However at the end music from I Dreamed A Dream begins to play. It is then that Valjean sings the best part, “And this I swear to you tonight, your child will live within my care. And I will raise her to the light. I swear to you, I will be there!”  
         I heard this song for the first time when I saw the musical back in January. I did not like the song until J. Mark McVey, the actor  playing Valjean sang that part. McVey is my favorite Valjean. He is a really good singer. It was so beautiful I cried. What I have learned is that you should judge a song by its title in a musical. Who knows, maybe it will one of the most beautifully written parts in the show. I have been listening to the last part of the song for a while now. I love this and I am excited to see how Hugh Jackman will do it. 


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