Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Horrible Histories t.v. show and the Maccabeats

  A good friend of mine introduced me to a show called Horrible Histories. It's a British musical kid's t.v. show that teaches history. They make fun of it with goofy songs but still keeping it factual. I love it. There is a video of Elizabeth I having an online dating account. Lol. The funniest video is the one about the Spanish Armada. It's like a commercial for a movie.  It does not make history boring. The British did an awesome job!! Yay for history!! :)

        The second thing that I am going to write about is a Jewish A Capella group from New York that I discovered around Easter. They are called the Maccabeats. I was on YouTube and I came across their Passover video. It was very creative. Told the story of Passover with songs from Les Miserables. That was really cool!! They are students at Yeshiva University. I'm not sure what city that is in. They also take a popular song and change the lyrics to fit their faith. It's really neat. I love their song "Candlelight" which is a song about Hanukkah to the tune of "Dynamite" . They are a group worth listening to. I now have an interest in the Jewish culture and the Hebrew language because of this group.  

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