Sunday, April 7, 2013

One Night with the King movie

        Hello!! Sorry I have not written lately, I have been very busy with school and rowing. Away this blog will be about one of my favorite movies, One Night with the King. This movie is loosely based on the Biblical book of Esther. A bunch of creative licenses were taken but an amazing movie anyway.
        This movie mostly focuses on the relationship Esther and the King have. In this movie, the King and Esther love each other. As a history major, I like thing to be historically accurate. I doubt that the relationship they had in the movie was accurate. It could be, it was more common back then to have arranged marriages. The King also picks Esther because she is beautiful. Enough with the history rant. This movie is one of the best movies.
        There are some really cool creative stuff in this movie. Like the main character Hadassah (Esther's real name) has a necklace that whenever it put near light, Stars of David show up on the wall. This necklace helps her prove that she is Jewish to the King near the end of the movie. Esther's wedding to the King is also a pretty cool scene. There is like a sea of flowers on the floor and the throne room is massive. There is like a giant statue of a lion right behind the King. It's not much of a scene because all the King does is place a crown on Esther's head. The actors in this movie are awesome. I loved the girl that played Esther. She was very believable. An actor's ability to make me believe the characters they are playing is important. It would be really bad if the audience did not believe that the actor was portraying the role well.

        Overall, I believe it is an awesome movie and you should see it. 

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