Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valjean's Confession/ Suddenly (Reprise)

 Les Miserables is known for its amazing story line and brilliant music. It is highly impressive and has been my favorite musical for the past four years. In the movie there were a few new scenes added. One was right after "Valjean's Confession" one of my favorite songs in the show because it is beautifully written. In this song, Valjean convinces Marius to lie to Cosette about where he is going. Marius does not want to lie to Cosette because he knows she would never believe him. Despite this, he does agree to lie. Enter new song and scene.
     The song "Suddenly (Reprise)" is basically the scene that Marius tells Cosette that her father is leaving. Of course she does not believe this. She has more questions than answers. Marius then tells her that Valjean asked him to say he was "gone a journey far away"* Then Cosette says that it breaks her heart that her father left. This is where I thought it was strange. Strange because I thought Valjean's actions did the reverse effect. I mean, wasn't his main purpose for going away was that he could not "Tell Cosette and break her heart"?** However, his leaving does break her heart. so either way, her heart could be broken. She finds out the truth anyway at the end of the movie.
      My crazy awesome Grammie said that she thinks Valjean starts the whole thing because he knows he his dying. Now that I think about that, it makes a lot of sense. I mean, Valjean saw it as his duty to make sure Cosette would be happy. Once he knew Cosette would be happy with Marius, he knew that he could "die in peace"***.
      So yeah, it is something that I have always thought about. It's an interesting aspect of the musical.

    Next week, I will be taking a breaking about writing about musicals. I will write about one of my favorite movies, One Night with the King.

     Key : * ~ Suddenly (Reprise) ~ Les Mis movie, ** ~ Valjean's Confession ~ Les Mis, *** ~ Epilogue ~ Les Mis 

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