Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Character in Musicals : Javert

One of the most bizarre characters ever created is the character of Javert from Les Mis. This show is based off the novel of the same name. So, the creators of the show cannot be blamed for making him the bad guy. That is what he was in the book. After seeing the movie, I have seen him in a new way.
     Javert is a hard core police officer that dedicates his life to hunting down Jean Valjean after he breaks parole. He believes that once a person is a criminal, they are always a criminal. During the confrontation with Valjean after Fantine dies, he claims that he was born inside a jail. Who knows if that has anything to do with him being some crazy hard core cop. Javert spends 30 years hunting down Valjean. I believe that the character of Javert is complex. He is a sadly misunderstood character and he misunderstands a few things as well.
      The reason why I say Javert is a complex character is because he is a conflicted man. He was the type that can only see black and white. There is no grey area in his world. He thinks he is doing the right thing by hunting down Valjean and return him to prison to serve a life sentence since he broke parole. Right before he kills himself, he sings "I am the law and the law is not mocked." He sings this after he is forgiven by Valjean. That is actually why he killed himself, because he was forgiven by Valjean. He is misunderstood because he is trying to do the right thing but makes him look bad.
      The reason why I say that he misunderstands a few things is because he is so closed minded. He does not understand the concepts of love and forgiveness  He also does not understand the concept that people can change. People who were criminals can change their lives around. Valjean did it. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the character. I like his songs but I do not like what he does.
     Next time I will talk about a song that been on my mind for a while then I will return to doing musical characters. 

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