Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Characters In Musicals: Lt. Joseph Cable USMC

 The first musical that I ever saw on stage was South Pacific. I was in third grade when I saw it. In this musical, there was one character that I thought was amazing. His name was Lt. Joseph Cable USMC. USMC stands for his branch of service which is the Marine Corps. Lt. Cable was sent to the islands in the south pacific to spy on the Japanese. He is not a big character in the story but I think he is one of the best characters ever.
    Lt. Cable was a very good character. He was a good marine and he three good songs. His character sang "Younger than Springtime", "My Girl Back Home", and "Carefully Taught". His first song, "Younger than Springtime" was a little strange. He sings this song after he meets a native girl named Liat. It is basically a love song. Love songs are good, don't get me wrong, but, I thought it was kind of odd that he fell in love with someone in two seconds. His second song "My Girl Back Home" is about his fiancee back in the states. He sings this to Nellie, the main lead in the story. Right before this song, he tells Nellie that he loves Liat but he can't marry her because he is engaged and the whole racist society back in the states. This leads to his last and best song in the show.

    The last song that Lt. Cable sings is "Carefully Taught". I think it is this song is the reason why I like Lt.Cable. He sings this and his point is that people are taught to be racist. I loved the song in third grade and I still do. I was singing it for months after the show. I was to young to understand what is was about, but I liked the words.

     I could go on and on about this character but then this blog would be to long. Next week I will talk about a character that is quite interesting. His name is Javert. 

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