Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Characters in Musicals : Eponine

Characters in musicals are very interesting. In my next few blogs, I am going to talk about a character from a musical. It will mostly be an explanation on whether or not I like them and what I personally think of them. The first character is Eponine from Les Miserables. 

        Eponine is the daugther of the evil innkeepers that abuse Cosette as a child. She grew up basically having everything. Only way that happened was her parents used the money for Cosette on their own kid. Thankfully, Cosette gets rescued. After that, Eponine's family ends up on the street. Her father starts a robbing gang. He forgets that she is his kid. Eponine ends up being friends with a young man named Marius Pontmercy. Marius is a law student involved in something that will become known as the June Rebellion of 1832.  She really likes him but he does not like her in return. He likes Cosette. This is where I have my major problem with her as a character.
       In the book written by Victor Hugo, Eponine is sort of a jerk face. She has the idea of "if I can't have him, no one can". She hides a letter written by Cosette for Marius. Her plan is to lie to Marius and convince him to join the uprising. She knows that everyone will end up dead. She wanted to seem him die and then die herself. For a girl who claims to love Marius, she seems very heartless. If she loved him, she would want him to be happy. Her whole "I will hurt him because I love him" plan is just wrong. However, she does take a bullet for him. So she has some good in her. In the musical, she is a lot better. Her character in the show however is pointless, she has good songs but she has no purpose. All she does is complain that Marius does not like her.
       I guess I should cut her character some slack. She did not have the best life and she did die for someone she cared for.
        Next time, I will talk about one of my favorite characters ever: Lt. Joseph Cable USMC from South Pacific 

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