Thursday, January 10, 2013


I saw LES MISERABLES on Christmas day! It is the most amazing movie I have ever seen. Here is my review for this amazing movie.
   I'll start with the actors and characters they played. 
    Anne Hathaway was a very good Fantine. I loved her version I Dreamed a Dream. I cried when she died. Hugh Jackman was an AMAZING Jean Valjean!! I loved how he played it. He is my favorite Valjean. His version of Bring Him Home was awesome. Russell Crowe was a good Javert. I was not sure how he would sound but he was awesome. It was intersting to see him and Hugh Jackman sing togeather. Both actors started their carrers with singing. Eddie Redmayne was a wonderful Marius Pontmercy and Amanda was a awesome Cosette. The students were also well protrayed by the various actors. Aaron Tviet played Enjorlas.Colm Wilkinson, the man who orginated the role of Valjean on stage was a great bishop. Samantha Barks, the girl that played Eponine was good. I have never liked that character though.   The only characters I did not like were the ones that were jerk faces so the innkeppers, factory workers, and the foreman made that list. 
        Time for the opinion on the relationships of some characters. The main relationship that I liked was the one between Marius, Cosette, and Valjean. They are my favorite characters. The relationships between all of the characters were well done. I really liked how they added more to the relationship between Marius and Cosette. It is not given enough attention in the stage show. I also liked the relationship between Valjean and the bishop. It was brief, but the bishop made a huge impact on Valjean's life. 
      I have many favorite songs in this show. Here is the list of songs I love. A Heart Full of Love, One Day More, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, A Heart Full Of Love Reprise, and Epilogue. All of the songs from the musical are in the movie except for one. Most songs were shorter than they are in the stage show. Which actually worked well for the movie. My favorite part of the movie was from Empty Chairs at Empty Tables on.  I thought it was beautifully done. I loved the added singing parts Marius and Cosette had. I thought it was nice that the movie gave their relationship more attention. The Epilogue was amazing! It is heart breaking. A Heart Full Of Love was also well done. I liked the acting choices that the actors made. One Day More was done similar to how Tonight was done in West Side Story.They cut to each person when they sing. It was really cool. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables was also well done. Eddie Redmayne's version is one of my favorites. 

       As an overall movie, I thought it was AWESOME!! I would highly suggest seeing it. It is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. :) 

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