Friday, June 3, 2011

My themes for stories

  Since I have started writing, there is one basic theme for my stories.  Almost all of my stories are historic fiction. Sadly, history is full of violence. I despise violence.  It seems as though there is one war after the other. Most of my stories have war in them in one way or another. My theme and message is the same: war should be a last resort and violence is a bad idea. I have known violence was wrong from a very young age. That is why I never watched the scene where Kocoum gets killed in Pocahontas. Even though it was an animated movie, I could never watch that scene. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.
       I have always used this theme because it is my belief. I have wished that WWI really was, "the war to end all wars". I also thought in high school that war was an extreme form of hate. I always have thought that someone has to hate to be violent. This quote that Maria says at the end of the musical West Side Story gave me that idea. She says, "You killed him, the same way you killed my brother. Not with weapons, but with hate!"
         None of my stories say anything bad about war. All of my stories say that war is not something to be glorified. My message is more about how  families of those who are involved react. Sometimes, I even write about how soldiers are affected by it. This is my biggest theme and message of my stories. I hope to write more than historic fiction all the time. Even though I love history, I think it would be nice to do something from time to time.

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