Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Opinion on Come to Me/ The Confrontation songs in Les Mis

    Les Miserables is the most depressing musical I have ever seen. Depressing scenes and songs are the majority of the show. There are a few happy parts. Examples of those are the wedding, Marius and Cosette meeting, and Cosette being rescued by Valjean from really stupid innkeepers. Lately, I have been listening to Come to Me and The Confrontation songs. One song is very depressing and the other is very tense. I will write about each song in order of appearance in the show. Meaning I will talk about Come to Me first.
    This song comes right after Who Am I?, a song in which Valjean admits he is 24601. That number was his prison id number. Anyway, Fantine, a down on her luck single mother is really sick. She got sick from working so hard to make ends meet. At, least, that is how I saw it. She starts by "talking" to her child, Cosette, who is not there. Cosette is being abused by wackos at this point. Then, Valjean shows up out of nowhere and sings " I swear this on my life". Swear what on your life? I assume he is talking about Cosette. Nothing is really said about Valjean taking care of Cosette until Fantine says, "Take my child, I give her to your keeping". Valjean vows that he will take care of Cosette. Sadly, Fantine dies. The next song begins.
      The Confrontation is a very tense song between Valjean and Javert. There were some things that made no sense. First off, Javert shows up out of nowhere. How the heck did he find Valjean so fast after leaving the courthouse? The two characters get into a fight about whether or not people can change over time. Valjean and Javert get into a physical fight and Valjean wins. Then, he turns to Fantine's body and swears that Cosette will live within his care. The song ends with him saying "I swear to you, I will be there." Who is he swearing to? He and Javert are singing the same thing. He could be singing either to Fantine or Javert. Interesting thought.

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