Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anthem ~ A Song From The Musical Chess

       This summer has been a good one. Since I got out of school, I have discovered a new song and a new language. The song is Anthem from the musical Chess. I came across a video of someone singing the song on YouTube the other day. Chess is about an American and Soviet Union chess players. I do not know much about the musical but it is sort of based on a true story that occurred during the Cold War. Anthem is sung by the Soviet chess player. I have the John Owen- Jones version of it on my iPod. In my opinion, this is the most powerful part of the song: "Let man's petty nations tear themselves apart. My land's only boarders lie around my heart!" Anthem is one the most amazing songs I have ever heard.
    Around the time school got out, I had come across a choir called "Only Boys Aloud" they are a Welsh vocal group from the valleys. I saw a video of them singing a song called "Calon Lân" (clean heart). I have never heard Welsh before, so the first time I heard it, I thought it was Latin or some other language. So, I looked up the name of the song and it said that it was a Welsh hymn that is sung before rugby games. Now, I am going to explain how the Welsh language and the song Anthem go together.  There is another Welsh male choir called "Only Men Aloud" they won Last Choir Standing in 2008. They are very impressive singers. I came across a video of them singing Anthem. They sang in Welsh. It sounded so cool! I do not know why but songs in different languages are very interesting to me. It sounds really cool in Welsh. The Welsh language is really pretty. I use it in some of my stories that involve Welsh characters. I only use songs though. This song will be used in a story sometime.

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